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Piano Lessons

Piano keyboard with hands playing the piano

Are you looking for a piano teacher in Dahlonega or the North Georgia area?

Alan is now available for lessons in the North Georgia area. Traditional piano, or electronic keyboard. Jazz and improvisation a speciality. Beginners to advanced.

Please use the contact form or call: (706) 623-3422.

Harmonica Lessons

A harmonica sitting on top of a piano keyboard

Chromatic harmonica is a complete instrument with a unique and soulful sound

Harmonica sometimes suffers from a reputation as a "toy", or "simple" instrument. This couldn't be further from the truth. To play the chromatica harmonica properly and authentically requires just as much—indeed possibly more—skill as any other instrument such as saxophone or trumpet.

Alan teaches chromatic harmonica, including music reading and music theory. Jazz playing a speciality.

Please use the contact form or call: (706) 623-3422.