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The Alan Davis Trio

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The Alan Davis Trio is a jazz trio serving Atlanta and surrounding areas. The band is comprised of Alan Davis Jr. on organ/piano, Ed Goode on Bass and Bob Tewksbury on drums.
The trio plays jazz standards and popular music and has an extensive repertoire owing to the band's decades of professional playing, here and abroad.
The frontline instrument of the ensemble is a Crumar "Mojo" organ emulator, a modern Italian instrument which faithfully recreates the sound and wide-ranging expression of the Hammond organ. It is the quintessential sound of the jazz organ, as heard from the greats such as Jimmy Smith, Joey Defranceso, Jimmy McGriff and Richard "Groove" Holmes.
The trio is to be found playing regularly in the North Georgia area, and at private events where a sophisticated jazz sound adds ambiance and energy to any event.
We invite you to listen to some sample songs on our Music Page.
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