"From the bench of his keyboard, Alan Davis Jr. has hosted a monthly jazz jam at The Crimson Moon Café for over a year, drawing in jazz horn, bass, and guitar players from all over North Georgia to join him in a musical adventure through the world of Jazz that greatly broadened the musical horizons of our little mountain town - and making it forever the better!"

Dana Marie LaChance, proprietress of The Crimson Moon Café, Dahlonega.

"Alan Davis Jr. creates a sound that is much fuller than would be expected from a solo perfomer. Embracing the latest musical technologies, and combining them with a wealth of musicianship and experience gained working as a professional musician on cruise ships and hotels around the world, he is the epitome of the modern informed musician. To this mix, add some heartfelt vocals, and you have the recipe for some unequalled entertainment.

No computers or backing tracks here. It's all live, and it is quality".

Julia Baker - Cruise Director. P&O Cruise lines.